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Gyraf Audio – Do-It-Yourself Circuits.


I’d like to build the 1176 and Pultec from here…maybe more…maybe someday.

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Zaph|Audio – ZRT – Revelator Tower.


and one more for the drawing board.

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Studio 101 Monitorcopyright 2009 ©.

studio101 intro  link: Studio 101 Monitorcopyright 2009 ©

because I need another project to think about…right??

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The Amity, Raven, and Aurora.

Amity, Raven, Aurora


It makes my head hurt to read this, but I’d love to build an amp like this along with a self-designed set of speakers. When will I ever have the money and time to do all this stuff?
It’s be nice to have this setup for recording playback.

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The John Hardy Company 990 Discrete Op-Amp

I feel like designing a mic pre today. I really wish I had the resources to follow-through on all of the ideas that I stumble upon.

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Tube Screamer.

TS Kit

I might need to build one of these before I start designing my own. With the mods kit, it should be a good place to toy around and figure out the circuits behaviors.

Tube Screamer

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some very fun looking synthesis projects to be used for inspiration on my own projects once they make it to the workbench.

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fluxmonkey :: electronoize playshop.

a lab series that has some very basic CMOS chip synthesis ideas

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I’ve created a projects page to show some of the things that I’ve been working on outside of work and some of the things that I’d like to work on. Some are more realistic or achievable than others. All of them stem from a relatively new discovery (within the past year) that I get the most satisfaction out of life as a whole when I am creating something. Whether I’m following directions in a kit or making up things on my own, having something that didn’t exist before sitting in front of me at the end of a project makes me more satisfied than most other endeavors.