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Skull Drones | PER MISSION.

Go listen to this.

Skull Drones by PER MISSION



Gyraf Audio – Do-It-Yourself Circuits.


I’d like to build the 1176 and Pultec from here…maybe more…maybe someday.

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Abus Dangereux | Indy Rock Culture Since 1987.

Shipping News - glossy magazine cover from across the pond

I need to dust off my High School French and figure out what is being said here, but it’s pretty damned cool that an album I helped bring into existence has got these guys onto a glossy magazine cover.

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The Amity, Raven, and Aurora.

Amity, Raven, Aurora


It makes my head hurt to read this, but I’d love to build an amp like this along with a self-designed set of speakers. When will I ever have the money and time to do all this stuff?
It’s be nice to have this setup for recording playback.

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The John Hardy Company 990 Discrete Op-Amp

I feel like designing a mic pre today. I really wish I had the resources to follow-through on all of the ideas that I stumble upon.

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Tube Screamer.

TS Kit

I might need to build one of these before I start designing my own. With the mods kit, it should be a good place to toy around and figure out the circuits behaviors.

Tube Screamer

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some very fun looking synthesis projects to be used for inspiration on my own projects once they make it to the workbench.

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fluxmonkey :: electronoize playshop.

a lab series that has some very basic CMOS chip synthesis ideas

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