December 2011

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I know I would never really use the Tenori-on enough to justify the purchase of one, but now they’ve made an app version of it for the iPad. This combined with Animoog and the traditional functionality is making it really attractive. I’ve read on the interwebs that iPad3 with a better screen might be coming in February 2012. Maybe I’ll take the plunge then.


TNR-i - the Tenori-on migrated to iPad

The Christmas season is a great time to make lists. Here’s another list of things I’d like to have.

For greeting bad guys with a most intimidating sound. With a laser grip for the wife’s purse. For a riot, an apocalypse, or a horde of angry tin cans and milk jugs. Prefer this with the Dominator2¬†EOTech¬†Mount so I can easily add a big expensive sight to it later. (free sight mount and cheaper price through the end of the year)