March 2011

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Skull Drones | PER MISSION.

Go listen to this.

Skull Drones by PER MISSION


If only Louisville were a place where this could happen (and I was hip enough to know about it and actually experience it instead of finding out later)

Beyerdynamic M-160 – Ribbon Mics – Microphones.

I’m thinking I might need a pair of these for drum recording. I don’t understand how ProAudioStar is selling them at this price, but they look like the place to get them from if I follow through.

M 160

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If any of my friends feel ambitious and would like to create one of these, I’d love to have one. Check out the instrument more here:

These 3 units are on the list. They look like so much fun.

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Velvet Black – Modifications.

Exploring this as potential accompaniments when I re-cap the YBA-1.


These will soon be mine. (and an mk-4 as well)


Fun with control voltages.