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Top 100 dub albums

I need to cross off what I already have and start exploring the rest.

Maybe this can soundtrack the remodel of the basement…
Or – Start a collection and I’ll make a dub night at a bar somewhere…
Or – I’ll forget about it until I happen to look on here 3-4 months from now…

any way it works out, it’s a cool list.

I’m bored. This happens periodically. I get busy with one thing or another and things just fall off. Then I realize that I’m not quite as busy as I thought and all this interesting stuff that I used to care about has fallen to the wayside.

One extraordinarily cool project is nearing completion. I’ve been working on a compilation with some amazing bands and great friends for a great cause, and it is almost a real physical product.

The compilation is made-up of live recordings from various Jason Noble benefit shows, and (as if it needed to be stated) the proceeds will benefit Jason. I was lucky enough to record some great bands with minimal technological challenges and see this through to a real release. The album was mixed with Kevin Ratterman (and Jason and I) back at the Funeral Home and is being mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. It should be coming out this Winter. I need to work up a Kickstarter campaign to help defray some of the upfront costs and get this thing out into the world.

In other news (highly related to the boredom coming out of one project and going into nowhere specific), I’ve dusted off some of my toys in the basement. Bleeps and blips, grinding cacophonies, fractured beats, and flashing lights abound. Nothing quite worth sharing, but certainly fun ways to spend some of those unspent energies remaining after the real-life activities (working and the like) get their share of my time. Maybe I’ll focus some of that into a real and purpose-built solo project. But there’s another side of me that wants to get out and record more live stuff.

I’m half way between a usable and decent sounding mobile rig and a truly professional rig. The first incarnation of my mobile rig has served me well. I still can’t believe the last Shipping News record was recorded by me. It also captured Shellac, Bonnie Prince Billy, and some of my favorite bands from a golden age of local music. All of that stuff has come out well, but with upgraded converters and mic preamps, I’m only 8 pres away from a killer mobile rig. I can’t bring myself to make the investment because recording has been firmly in the hobby space. Part of me just wants to get back out there and be active to justify to myself that it is worth going after. I’m not looking to get rich (that’s for my retirement account to take care of), but if the hobby can pay for itself and get some cool stuff out into the world, then I’d be pretty satisfied with that balance.

That being said…who wants to go record something?

I know I would never really use the Tenori-on enough to justify the purchase of one, but now they’ve made an app version of it for the iPad. This combined with Animoog and the traditional functionality is making it really attractive. I’ve read on the interwebs that iPad3 with a better screen might be coming in February 2012. Maybe I’ll take the plunge then.


TNR-i - the Tenori-on migrated to iPad

The Christmas season is a great time to make lists. Here’s another list of things I’d like to have.

For greeting bad guys with a most intimidating sound. With a laser grip for the wife’s purse. For a riot, an apocalypse, or a horde of angry tin cans and milk jugs. Prefer this with the Dominator2 EOTech Mount so I can easily add a big expensive sight to it later. (free sight mount and cheaper price through the end of the year)

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

Gift Ideas

I know I’m hard to shop for. How about some ideas? They even include various price ranges instead of all expensive things (comparatively at least).

DIY Pedals

  • BYOC Tubescreamer kit – $95
  • BYOC Tri-boost kit – $95
  • OLC Eclipse Valve kit – $120


  • Modtone Coliseum Reverb – $130
  • Malekko Ekko Delay – $150
  • Moog MF-101 LPF – $280
  • Dwarfcraft ECT – $270

DIY Synth


Skull Drones | PER MISSION.

Go listen to this.

Skull Drones by PER MISSION


If only Louisville were a place where this could happen (and I was hip enough to know about it and actually experience it instead of finding out later)

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